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Subscription Spices

For just R 150/month, you can have the world's best spices delivered to your door each month.


So Much More

Every month you'll receive sets, containing all the spice you'll need for the 4 recipes, included.


The Perfect Gift!

Give them what they really want - with a subscription to the world's best spices.

“Hunger is the best spice.” - English Proverb
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How it Works

1. Subscribe & Discover

thumb_up Upon subscribing, you'll begin receiving your monthly Spice Set: 4 carefully selected set of spices, from around the world. Four laminated recipes, selected, to maximize the flavour of the spices. Plus a folder to store these and future recipes.

2. Taste & Enjoy

stars Our Spice Set contains the exact amount of spices, measured out separately, for each recipe. We even include a shopping list for the other ingredients.

3. What Are You Waiting For

shopping_cart Subscribe today and impress your family and friends.

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“The best spices are in small bags.” - Italian Proverb
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